Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hwangbo is Top's Look Alike

Hwangbo posted on her twitter of an online test she took. The android has concluded she is 99% female, 1% male, and 23% top as the number 1 look alike amongst the many celebrities.

Like the test results say, "If you really had to choose someone, but not really good enough for a look-a-like."

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Hwangbo movie: Goodbye For Just Awhile part 2 translation

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Part II

Wontaek: If i'm working together with another fellow police shouldn't things be a little different? There isn't any differnce as working together with some other bum on the street!

police1: Would you please just shut up?

Wontaek: damn it, I really don't want to go to the big house (jail).
What is this? After being forced into something I didn't what to do look what I got myself into.

police1: Yea, so it's like that huh? Did you do this for free huh? Did ya? We split the profits equally half to half!

Wontaek: what are you talking about? It was six to four! If only you didn't take up that stupid loan then nothing like this would ever have happened!
So what if you're a police? What use does it do?
Man, this will be my third time... there's a limit to how many times i can claim mental illness.

police1: would you stop your gibberish already?
damn it!

wontaek: Damn! Really AHHH!

Wontaek: Woa, you're the bomb. Your driving skills are pro. If you're ever fired from your police position you should become a driver. damn that scared me to death.
- hey there, be careful.
- hey hey he! Be careful careful!

wontaek: Hey, hyung!

hwangbo: Damn, it's broken.

hb: Hey brat, some new horror flicks just came in. Later, no after you finish studying, stop by later at night. K?

police1: Hey you poofly! poofly!

hb: can't you hear me?
- are you ignoring me?

police1: hey flypoo.
that brat flypoo is ignoring me.

hb: I'm back.

crowd of men: hey, I was first! Stop it! blahblahblah. Miss! Miss! Get in line!

police chief: (I can't understand him mumbling and unclear... using too many hard vocab) he didn't care for his own body very well.

police1: hey juh young jah~

police chief: He lived alone with his mother.
 He was always bright and held his job proudly.
 He would always be out saving others not caring for his own health.
My heart hurts to know that one of my fellow men has died trying to catch the bad guy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, let me do this over.

police 1: This is crazy. I'm still alive! What's wrong with them?

police cheif: It's good that someone like him died!
police 2: chief... outside....

police cheif: I asked him to catch the theif not be one! What will become of our reputation because of him!

police2: don't worry about the reporters, I will have everyone silenced.
I shoulda known from the start to fire someone like him.
Damn, that bastard.

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"translated by iseuli @"

Hwangbo movie: Goodbye For Just Awhile part 1 translation

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Movie Title: Goodbye For Just Awhile

Radio: Calling, please pick up.

police1: Yes?

radio: There is a 40 year old man above the lake.

police1: omg... again?

radio: Yes, it's the same man as yesterday night.

Dang, he's driving me crazy.
Is he trying to make a living out of this?
He's been at this every day for the last week.
I will probably die before being able to saving this man. Dang, this guy is really....
Yea, bring it on!
Lets have a final show down; will it be me or you that will die?
Ms. Kim if I die saving this man, you must live with your head up high. Love will come soon.
Hey why aren't you answering? Don't leave me hanging ms. kim.

man's voice: ah ~ ah. This is your boss. What are you doing joking around? Hurry and do your job!

police1: yes sir! I'm already on my way! I'm already there!

[sign of police station building says: We're your best friends. Lets do it together]

man: Good job. Why don't you just wait for the man at the lake tomorrow?

police1: I don't think he will be able to come. I fired him.
Man, the real guy that wants to die is me.

man: Oh yea, how much more does it take to pay off your loan?

police1: 3 years

man: still?

police1: yup.

man: Don't you still need to get your mother to undergo surgery??

police1: This is my mother's surgery bill. (lottery)
Mom, hang in there till the winning number is called.

police1 (reading to himself): hiring: banker, doctor, and oh! even a department store boss is in here. Will a doctor or boss be better?

hwangbo(hb): Jeez, brat you don't have any manners at all. Couldn't you have waited a bit more?
you saw all these already?

police1: Good, looks like nobody is home since they aren't picking up their phone.
Hey, do you plan to spend the night here?

lockpicking man: Has this rusted or something?

police1: Isn't it your skill that has rusted?

lockpicking man: Did you hear the click just now? That's the sound of it unlocking.
Why did the light suddenly turn on?

police1: dummy, it's the sensor.

police1: wontaek! Wontaek! Did you turn on the light in the living room?

wontaek (lockpicker): no~ I didn't.

wontaek: It's nice to have the light on.
Hey, Did you look through the kitchen?
Lets look through the kitchen~~

police1: hey Wontaek! Lets just go,

wontaek: What are you saying? We went through the trouble of breaking in. Lets clean up this place before we go.

police1: Bastard! Lets go already!

wontaek: What's wrong with you? You're the one who wanted to do this hyung. where you going? wait for me!
Why are you trying to leave?
What's wrong with you? It's locked!
Lets search a little more and go.

police1: Why did you lock it? Why would you lock it huh? huh?

wontaek: I didn't lock it.

wontaek: hurry get in. I'm driving.

police1: Hey the door's not opening!

feel free to use this translation however you want. However please credit by linking back to here ^^. 
"translated by iseuli @"

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