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[Hwangbo’s FUN FUN LIFE] The Kitchen is My Playground, I am Cook ‘Rapaghetti’

Whenever it was a night where my mother would be home late due to work, it was my responsibility to prepare the dinner table ever since I was in elementary school. Whenever my mother had to go out for something she handed the job of preparing the dinner table to me.

I would take out the left over side dishes and prepare a hot bowl of rice using the rice cooker. It wasn’t a very hard job.

However, a dinner table without a main menu seemed so miserable and cold, so I started to fry some eggs. When the plain fried eggs became tiresome I began making tamagoyaki, steamed eggs, egg fried rice, and after I’ve used up all the possible egg recipes, I made KimChiBokKumBap (KimChi fried rice), YangPaBokKumBap (Onion fried rice), I began expanding my abilities as a cook. It was always so much fun slicing up the onions, smooshing the garlic, and preparing the rice. It was like I was playing house.

When I was young I would only share a sentence with my father as our daily conversation, he was always a scary and tired person. So when my father would come home after finishing up with his work and finish the food that I’ve prepared and respond with a “that was very good.” I felt like I’ve just won the lottery, it made me feel extremely happy. On top of that my mother would praise me saying “Our daughter is so kind. You’re already a grown up!” The very reason I love cooking so much is probably due to these memories of mine.

However, the kitchen was always my mother’s kingdom. The only time I could cook was when my mother wasn’t at home. I’ve always cherished this time and used this time to create my own recipes using the various little scraps of food in the kitchen. Cooking isn’t hard, all you need to do is prepare something you want to eat. There were lots of times when I would create a big mess after these cooking sessions and get in trouble with my mother.

And by many times of trial and error, I’ve mastered the art of fusion cooking. My first mission was noodles. I used the instant ramen noodles to imitate spaghetti. First, I would boil the ramen noodles. Then I cooked  the ramen soup in a separate pot and after it started boiling I added about 3 tablespoons of ketchup. After thoroughly boiling the soup, I would combine the noodles with the soup and voila! It might sound disgusting, but actually it tastes pretty good. I would call my friends over and make this, they usually don’t know that it’s just instant noodles.

These are the various recipes I’ve enjoyed when I was young

Hot Bbang (hot bread)

  1. microwave a plain slice of bread to make the texture smoother.
  2. Put vanilla ice cream on it.
  3. fold the slice of bread over in half

and enjoy!

[t/n: 2 more recipes coming soon.]

author: HwangboHyeJung
translated by: iseuli

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unexpected Confession: "my first kiss was the worst ever" says Hwangbo

Singer Hwangbo confessed that her first kiss was the worst ever.

When Hwangbo appeared on KBS JOY program "Flower Boys Carriage" she was asked, "What was your worst kiss ever?" Hwangbo confessed, "My worst kiss ever was my first kiss." Her explaination was her expectation was too high that it put her in despair.

When the MCs asked her what was the most memorable best kiss ever, Hwangbo answered shyly, "Three years ago in front of my house all around us were white covered in snow."

article by: NewsN SongYoonSae Reporter
Translated by: iseuli


Hwangbo, 15th , Car accident in the morning, no trauma

On the fifteenth of September, Singer Hwangbo got into a Car accident.
It was discovered at 1:50 pm money today star news “Today morning in Seoul, Hwangbo was going for a shooting of “MBC Sunday Sunday Night Corner Nodaji”
“At 2:30 the manager who was driving around a corner crashed into the guard rail.” “The vehicle was destroyed thus towed away.” At the same time, “Hwangbo and the rest of the crew who were in the vehicle called to inform that nobody was hurt.”
On Hwangbo’s side they said “after we got into a car accident, I called ‘NoDaJi’ MC Jo Hye Ryun and she came to pick me up so we could continue with the shooting of NoDaJi. So now we are in the middle of shooting NoDaJi.”
Additionally we were informed, “We don’t know if there were any backlash after the car accident so as soon as NoDaJi shooting ends Hwangbo will go up to Seoul Hosptital to get a through health exam.”
Currently Hwangbo has just came out with a new single “R2SONG”.

translated by: iseuli

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hwangbo debuts in England, Why?

Hwangbo confessed various reasons why she decided to cross over to England. On September 12th,2009 on KBS 2TV “Star Golden Bell” Kim Jae Dong commented, “your new single, R2Song is amazing. You’ve charted 1st in a popular music chart in England.” As Hwangbo continued to receive praises and comments of congratulations, Hwangbo was asked “why did you decided to release your single in England first? Whose idea was it?”

Hwangbo answered simply, “Because there was someone I knew in England.” The rest of the cast commented “That’s such a simple reason” and had a good laugh. When Hwangbo was asked “How is your fame in Korea?” Hwangbo answered simply, “In Korea I just recently came back!”

article by: [NewsN SongYoonJung Reporter]
translated by iseuli


[Hwangbo’s FUNFUN LIFE] First Impression isn’t everything

My father work as a steel shash wielder. Because of his work, there are many times where he is seen wearing oil stained clothes. One time, he forgot all about his friend’s wedding; in the middle of working he suddenly remembered his prior engagement. So he immediately dropped his work and ran out to his friend’s wedding only to have been kicked out at the front door. Because of his oil stained clothes, they thought he was a beggar. He resented the people who judged based on outer appearance.

Of course, I too have had such experiences. Especially during my school years, whenever I would move up a level I would hear things like “she looks like a bit**” from a lot from my seniors. When I became a celebrity I was surprised how many people thought I smoked based on only my looks. When I would tell others I don’t smoke, they would ask so surely, “when did you quit smoking?” However, since my voice is huskier than the average female, I do understand where they are coming from. But I do feel very frustrated seeing these rumors going around only based on my appearances.

On the other hand, I too have found myself being bias toward people because of their looks.

For example, when I first met one of my best gagman friend kim young cheul. About 8 years ago, it was when I was in the middle the Chakra days. When our group first met him at K broadcast station, we greeted him politely only to receive a disgruntled look back. Before meeting us, he was in a serious conversation with someone. Because of this kind of first meeting, I thought that Kim Young Cheul was a gagman who was dirty and doesn’t like to greet others. However, the people around me told me “Kim Young Cheul is a very bright person who always tries to bring laughter for others.” At first I was doubtful, but when I got to know him, he was just like how others told me he was. After this, I apologized to him and I want to tell him now that I decided to throw away my biases towards others based on only appearances.

When I think about it, I too have had many instances where I would be biased based on first impression. For me especially, I have a thing of avoiding girls who are an only child. The reason for this is, when I was young the people I always ended up fighting with were girls who were an only child. I didn't bicker with them all the time because they were girls who were an only child, but when I thought about it afterwards they all had something in common which was being an only child. Whether we were playing rubber jump rope, jacks, or any other we were always fighting. I think the fights started because they were all egoistic. Because of all these experiences in my life, I can't help but think all only child girls are egotistical and selfish. The few people that I 've met in my life have magnified these thoughts of mine. To this day, the first thing I ask people who are an only child, whether they are a girl or a boy, is "you grew up very loved didn't you?"

We the people of Korea also has a tendency, when meeting someone for the first time, to ask: age, name, family ties, location of living, and even blood type. And based in the studies made in England we judge that, "Type A people are timid, Type O people have a great personality, type AB are capricious, and Type B people are cold." When we see a man with quirly hair we judge "that person looks like someone who doesn't have much confidence."

After seeing all that I have written so far, I really want to reflect and reconsider my many biases. However, as we all age, we learn that first impressions aren't everything. Of course there are many people who we meet with bad first impressions and bad last impressions. But in life we find out that people who we thought were bad are actually very good people. There are also those who we think are very kind at first but find out that in truth, they are very mean.

Even if we don't go as far as being prejudice, judging people based on their image is also wrong. Celebrities are amongst the top of the list where they are judged based on their image. There are people who are angles but end up acting in only evil roles and end up with a bit**y image. There are also those who are two faces but everyone thinks she/he is an angel. Sometimes unexpectedly, the things we see with our eyes will trick us. Now that I'm done, I've realised I've written in the "hobby" column something totally unrelated to hobbies... biases. My thoughts are just this. Don't you think if we prevent even just one bias, life will be a little more fun and comfortable?

By Hwangbo
Translated by iseuli

"In this world, there is no such thing as a man who doesn't cheat... the only difference is the control they have within themselves" says Hwangbo

2009.09.15 09:52

Singer Hwangbo, expressed what she thought about men. On September 14th 2009, on KBS2TV "MiSuDa" the girls were debating about "what will you think when you see your lover dating another person?"

Hwangbo stated "There is no such thing as a man that does not cheat. The only difference is you have a man who can keep himself under control and a man who can't"

Hwangbo continued to say, "truthfully, there's no reason to talk it out or fight about it. In my case, I could forgive my man just once."

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meanwhile on the other hand, singer Hwangbo charted first in England's music chart......
[it goes onto say the regular stuff about how it charted 1st in club music. and it's selling for 2.6 pounds. Then it says, Hwangbo has yet to give a signed CD to Lee Sang Min who was the man who discovered hwangbo and made her into Chakra. Hwangbo says she will give him a signed Cd that says "Thank you for making me a celebrity. - Hwangbo

translated by: iseuli