Monday, September 14, 2009

"In this world, there is no such thing as a man who doesn't cheat... the only difference is the control they have within themselves" says Hwangbo

2009.09.15 09:52

Singer Hwangbo, expressed what she thought about men. On September 14th 2009, on KBS2TV "MiSuDa" the girls were debating about "what will you think when you see your lover dating another person?"

Hwangbo stated "There is no such thing as a man that does not cheat. The only difference is you have a man who can keep himself under control and a man who can't"

Hwangbo continued to say, "truthfully, there's no reason to talk it out or fight about it. In my case, I could forgive my man just once."

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meanwhile on the other hand, singer Hwangbo charted first in England's music chart......
[it goes onto say the regular stuff about how it charted 1st in club music. and it's selling for 2.6 pounds. Then it says, Hwangbo has yet to give a signed CD to Lee Sang Min who was the man who discovered hwangbo and made her into Chakra. Hwangbo says she will give him a signed Cd that says "Thank you for making me a celebrity. - Hwangbo

translated by: iseuli


  1. i just hoped that none of her BF cheat on her..
    like @-@! seriously,,,
    that man is such an idiot!

  2. really appreciate your effort for putting this up..
    knowing her more through this i am more than grateful... thank you...