Monday, September 14, 2009

Hwangbo debuts in England, Why?

Hwangbo confessed various reasons why she decided to cross over to England. On September 12th,2009 on KBS 2TV “Star Golden Bell” Kim Jae Dong commented, “your new single, R2Song is amazing. You’ve charted 1st in a popular music chart in England.” As Hwangbo continued to receive praises and comments of congratulations, Hwangbo was asked “why did you decided to release your single in England first? Whose idea was it?”

Hwangbo answered simply, “Because there was someone I knew in England.” The rest of the cast commented “That’s such a simple reason” and had a good laugh. When Hwangbo was asked “How is your fame in Korea?” Hwangbo answered simply, “In Korea I just recently came back!”

article by: [NewsN SongYoonJung Reporter]
translated by iseuli


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