Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unexpected Confession: "my first kiss was the worst ever" says Hwangbo

Singer Hwangbo confessed that her first kiss was the worst ever.

When Hwangbo appeared on KBS JOY program "Flower Boys Carriage" she was asked, "What was your worst kiss ever?" Hwangbo confessed, "My worst kiss ever was my first kiss." Her explaination was her expectation was too high that it put her in despair.

When the MCs asked her what was the most memorable best kiss ever, Hwangbo answered shyly, "Three years ago in front of my house all around us were white covered in snow."

article by: NewsN SongYoonSae Reporter
Translated by: iseuli

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20090915n12771


  1. hehe, too much expectation for her first kiss and it wasn't as good as she had wished for. So this 3 yrs ago was I'm assuming the ex-bf of 8 yrs right?

  2. wow must be memorable..
    hope she got kiss recently ;P

    and thanks a lot Iseul, keep up the good work..^^

  3. keep blogging jaejoongie!
    how about adding her general info like date of birth etc etc

  4. thanks for taking the time to translate these so all the international fans culd read them :) hehe, to high of an expectation XD and the best kiss one sounds cute! :D

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  6. who might that be?? hmmmm.. interesting she stated that she haven't had a serious relationship for a long time.. hee hee.. thank you so much jaejoongie!! you're very kind.. google had given me good laughs for it's bizarre translations but 80% of the time had given me head-splitting migraine.. hehe!! i'm looking forward to all your great work in the future!! thanks!!

  7. thanks for translating all the articles.

    I wonder if her most memorable best kiss was also her last kiss from her ex-bf of 8 years... hmmm because some people wont forget their last kiss, their last time holding each other tight, last fight etc...
    sorry, just assuming huhuhu

  8. Thank You for starting his informative site, it is much appreciated by ME

  9. Bo seriously has awesome legs.
    aww all covered in snow.
    can't help but to secretly wish it was with... let's just say i'm a JinBo fan.^^