Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hwangbo, 15th , Car accident in the morning, no trauma

On the fifteenth of September, Singer Hwangbo got into a Car accident.
It was discovered at 1:50 pm money today star news “Today morning in Seoul, Hwangbo was going for a shooting of “MBC Sunday Sunday Night Corner Nodaji”
“At 2:30 the manager who was driving around a corner crashed into the guard rail.” “The vehicle was destroyed thus towed away.” At the same time, “Hwangbo and the rest of the crew who were in the vehicle called to inform that nobody was hurt.”
On Hwangbo’s side they said “after we got into a car accident, I called ‘NoDaJi’ MC Jo Hye Ryun and she came to pick me up so we could continue with the shooting of NoDaJi. So now we are in the middle of shooting NoDaJi.”
Additionally we were informed, “We don’t know if there were any backlash after the car accident so as soon as NoDaJi shooting ends Hwangbo will go up to Seoul Hosptital to get a through health exam.”
Currently Hwangbo has just came out with a new single “R2SONG”.

translated by: iseuli


  1. annyong hwangbo unnie...i was cry when i read the blog that u got a car accident..i hope ur ok now...take care always..i thought that it was a good news when i heard that your shilang was going back there in korea..im happy when i read the news..when the time i read the news about u..i was shock..and my tears falling down...get well soon noona..hwangbo figthing...joongbo to the world!!

  2. thanks God she's fine.. have not any serious injury...
    when i saw the headline.. i was so shocked...
    no wonder this morning, my feeling not too good...
    be carefull unnie next time~~

  3. thank you so much for the translation. hope she's really ok, no backlash or anything.

  4. thank goodness she's okay!
    thank you for the trans

  5. Thanks for the translation!
    I'm hoping she did get any backlash or anything from the accident. Hoping she's really okay=) Hwang Bo fighting!!