Friday, January 1, 2010

Hwangbo movie: Goodbye For Just Awhile part 2 translation

feel free to use this translation however you want. However please credit by linking back to here ^^. 
"translated by iseuli @"

Part II

Wontaek: If i'm working together with another fellow police shouldn't things be a little different? There isn't any differnce as working together with some other bum on the street!

police1: Would you please just shut up?

Wontaek: damn it, I really don't want to go to the big house (jail).
What is this? After being forced into something I didn't what to do look what I got myself into.

police1: Yea, so it's like that huh? Did you do this for free huh? Did ya? We split the profits equally half to half!

Wontaek: what are you talking about? It was six to four! If only you didn't take up that stupid loan then nothing like this would ever have happened!
So what if you're a police? What use does it do?
Man, this will be my third time... there's a limit to how many times i can claim mental illness.

police1: would you stop your gibberish already?
damn it!

wontaek: Damn! Really AHHH!

Wontaek: Woa, you're the bomb. Your driving skills are pro. If you're ever fired from your police position you should become a driver. damn that scared me to death.
- hey there, be careful.
- hey hey he! Be careful careful!

wontaek: Hey, hyung!

hwangbo: Damn, it's broken.

hb: Hey brat, some new horror flicks just came in. Later, no after you finish studying, stop by later at night. K?

police1: Hey you poofly! poofly!

hb: can't you hear me?
- are you ignoring me?

police1: hey flypoo.
that brat flypoo is ignoring me.

hb: I'm back.

crowd of men: hey, I was first! Stop it! blahblahblah. Miss! Miss! Get in line!

police chief: (I can't understand him mumbling and unclear... using too many hard vocab) he didn't care for his own body very well.

police1: hey juh young jah~

police chief: He lived alone with his mother.
 He was always bright and held his job proudly.
 He would always be out saving others not caring for his own health.
My heart hurts to know that one of my fellow men has died trying to catch the bad guy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, let me do this over.

police 1: This is crazy. I'm still alive! What's wrong with them?

police cheif: It's good that someone like him died!
police 2: chief... outside....

police cheif: I asked him to catch the theif not be one! What will become of our reputation because of him!

police2: don't worry about the reporters, I will have everyone silenced.
I shoulda known from the start to fire someone like him.
Damn, that bastard.

feel free to use this translation however you want. However please credit by linking back to here ^^. 
"translated by iseuli @"

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